The God Help workbooks grew out of Claire W.’s personal journey of healing.  Although she holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, her books rely on God’s word and on the Bible-based principles of the 12-Step programs, the sources of her own healing and spiritual growth. Claire maintains her anonymity, a tradition in Twelve-Step groups, by using only her first name.

The God Help Series


The idea of having my character defects removed was somewhat threatening to me. I guess I thought of myself as the sum of all my defects. If they disappeared, I might, too. Or, at any rate, I might be left as a kind of shell, without any personality. Who was I anyway, if not the sick, troubled person I knew so well?


On the other hand, the idea of being a good person, even if it wasn’t the “real” me, was pretty appealing, especially when I began to understand that there was some connection between being good and feeling good.

From God, Help Me Stop:


From God, I’m Still Hurting:

As you write the letter, imagine that you are  a young child again. Explain how you feel and say what it is that you want from your parent(s). Use your less-dominant hand to write the letter (your left hand, if you are right-handed) and print rather than use script. Here is my own letter.