Break Free from the Legacy of Family Dysfunction

Sometimes the painful experiences and feelings of childhood may be endlessly recreated in adulthood, making anger, depression, worry, fear, and suffering pass from one generation to another. Here is a Bible-based approach to emotional healing for anyone who has grown up in a dysfunctional family. Questions for reflection and writing assignments make the recovery process personal and powerful.

We used God, I’m Still Hurting in a group study where it helped many to see that Biblical truth and emotional healing go hand in hand. One member said, ‘I’ve been hurting all my life . . . a slow death. This material helped me to see the other side, the side of the living and personal God whom I could finally call my loving Father. Personally, I have found tremendous insights into the healing of fear and guilt carried since childhood. One cannot help but be touched by the sincerity and simplicity of the truths presented in this book.

Pat Klose, Pastor,

Sabre Springs Community Church, San Diego, CA

Here is a sample of text from the God, I’m Still Hurting workbook.

The God Help Series



Seeking the truth is the first step toward recovery. Honesty about what happened to us as children is essential.


Looking at Scripture:  How important is it for me to be honest about the past and the present?


Psalm 51:6





We look back at childhood in order to understand and deal with our difficulties. We do  not  look back in order to blame our parents. The mistakes they made were probably the same ones their parents made — and the same ones we could make with our own children. As long as we blame others for our problems, we will think like victims and remain trapped in those problems.


When we accept responsibility, not for what happened, but for how we respond to what happened, we are in a position of power. We have the power to change and to grow. We have the power to choose a happier way of life.  This power comes from God.