In this Biblical presentation of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, verses from Scripture illuminate each step of spiritual healing, each step towards overcoming alcoholism, overeating, smoking, compulsive gambling, sexual addiction, drug addiction, compulsive shopping, and other addictive and compulsive behaviors.

Break Free from Addiction And Compulsion

God, Help Me Stop has really helped me in my struggle against alcoholism — I’ve been sober three months now. Thank you for a wonderful tool to work with.

   V.C., New Boston, MI


We have used God, Help Me Stop in group therapy context, as well as for clients in individual therapy, and it is very helpful in both settings. Thank you for your part in such a practical, Christian approach to the problems of dependency and addiction.

    Ruth Blight, Counselor

Counseling Group, Burnaby, B.C

Here is a sample of text from the God, Help Me Stop workbook.

The God Help Series




Initially, the thing we have chosen to do or to have gives us great pleasure. We feel that it “works” for us. We feel that we are in control and are making good choices. We seem not to notice that we are always making the same choice: to do or to have more.


When we begin to sense our loss of control and the negative effect it is having on ourselves and on others, we become depressed. At that point our compulsion no longer gives us great pleasure. It just takes us from feeling bad  to feeling a little better, and we need more, more often, to feel okay. We need more and get less. What once worked for us has turned on us. But we are unable to turn from it. We have become powerless.


Looking at Scripture:  In what way am I powerless?


Romans 7:19—20




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